Jazz Infused/Melodic Improvisation

X Marks The Spot

Album : Showtime

A musical journey endless in length and destination .

In search of gems and  treasure , we set sail with a blue print  and a map/heading, that will take us further than we have ever been .    

X Marks the Spot are a London based  collective consisting of  like minded musicians , who share a love of jazz influenced modern and contemporary artists  . Leading the band is the writer/arranger and bassist  Paul Emile , who cites his main influences as "music that moves me and brings cool vibes ".

Emile is surrounded by an array of talented musicians , who fit in their various musical commitments to come together to jump on tracks and lend their hand to the playing  and  vision  of the compositions .

Always fresh and inventive with his blending of the instrumentation at his disposal ,  Emile paints cerebral grooves  and visual treats that takes the listener on a journey as he guides the musicians  to new heights of expressiveness. An Inspirational  and collective sharing  that creates an engaging mood  and appreciation  on the tracks.

Full of brash horn arrangements , subtle grooves, tasty guitar licks , and lush string arrangements .