The Santa Clara Effect is a dynamic soulful singer songwriter who writes /plays/and produces his own materiel .

He has a wide vocal range and ability to pen catchy songs, influenced by one of his musical heroes Prince amongst others.

TSCE does not like to stick to one particular way of making music, by using electronic and traditional instrumentation the flavour/blend  of songs differ from track to track .

Sometimes his  songs are presented in a full ensemble arrangement , whilst  others are  broken down to minimal instrumentation and vocals . 

Never frightened to take on difficult themes in his songwriting, covering topics as varied as lost love sacrifice, protest, and his  observations on the human condition.

The Santa Clara Effect produces a  unique  critique of life in melodic songs, which are  soulful/ distinctive warm and passionate in content & delivery  



The Santa Clara Effect


The key to love , peace , and understanding , and a route to all things .Is the ability to listen and empathsize, to consider all sides, and give others  the right and responsibility to positively facilitate discourse. Without it we are lost , with it we are found . Music is the centre of my ability to commune and relate .