Hala Gamba create  an eclectic mix of  afrocentric  beats,  exotic  melodic backdrops , that takes you through a musical landscape  filled with danceable gems.

The band is lead by  percussionist  Tama ,whose musical syncopated  flavours  enchant the  mixture of instrumentation .  

The album  "Journey" is an infectious mix of tracks that draws you in and captivates the senses, and leaves you wanting more of the same .

Afro Fusion/World Music

Hala Gamba

The Journey

HAH-lah gah-bah "Glorious Warrior" in Yoruba .

Many roads will be travelled , across borders and seas. We shall gather ,break bread and tell of the wonders we have witnessed. Music shall be the sound that fills the air , of mystic and legend . it shall behold.

 HAH-lah  gahm-bah